20 FOR 20 Let’s raise $20,000 for our 20th Anniversary.

May 20, 2017 marks the 20th Anniversary of The Melonhead Foundation. Beyond all my expectations, so many embraced our children’s cancer charity. We have all volunteered to create special events, raise awareness, write grants, and what ever it took to provide financial aid for the families of pediatric cancer patients. To date we have awarded over $488,000 to 580 families. Funds paid for housing, utilities, auto expenses, food and personal needs. Less than 3% of all cancer charities across the nation give financial aid to families dealing with childhood cancer.

January 20, 2017 I begin a simple campaign. In honor of 20 years of service for our kids, I am asking you to donate $20 for The Melonhead Foundation Patient Assistance Program between now and May 20, 2017. Our goal is to raise $20,000. Let’s get 1000 friends of Melonhead to support our future families.

I am grateful. I am honored. Let us continue the legacy of Melanie Leone who is the inspiration of The Melonhead Foundation.

It’s easy. Click on item above. You may use Visa, MasterCard or Discover. If you wish to mail a check, send to The Melonhead Foundation PO Box 10963, Tempe AZ 85284.

Thank you for your donation: L. Huarte, T. Batson, L. Hudson, L. Carlin, B. Mills, D. Leeds, S. Velarde. D. Leone,J. DeWitt, Joi.ashli, J. Leone, A. Graziano.D. Sin, P. Holubowsky, K. Anderson, B. Matilla, T. Colazzo, J. Mangan, E. Dunn, D. Harmon, D. Meyer, S. Bennowitz, S. McNeil, A. Frietas, J. Barclay, T. DeAngelo, l. Liddy, C. Kesner, C. Rich, N. Yale, S. Donovan, M. Bell, J. Antolini, A. Martochio, M. Milione, A. Teska, R. Nadwodny, C. Sharp, M. Donnelley, l.Glenn,J&D Minnick, J. Stapleton, J. Zapata, P. Depas, J. Beard, NBAZ, N. McCormick,

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