Support Organizations

These are Melonhead’s recommended practitioners!
Our therapies can be used as a complement to your treatment plan or as an alternative… we treat body, mind and soul to affect balance and health.

  • Unravel Body Therapy is the professional private practice of Michael W. Shuey, Arizona State Licensed Massage Therapist and Aesthetician. Michael will customize your treatments using a variety of techniques for maximized results. Michael offers massage therapy including reiki and craniosacral massage, facials and skin care, body treatments, and waxing, tintings and peels.  Learn more about Michael and the services he offers at or give Michael a call 480-540-0166.
  • Jara Salmon offers Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) at the Wellness Center. SRT is an ancient form of healing that researches your subconscious and soul records, identifies themes and challenges, and works to remove programs and blockages that inhibit your life. Visit for more information or visit Jara at the Wellness Center and have Jara facilitate your healing process and release your emotional baggage and help move you forward with a new outlook. Visit  for more information, give Jara a phonecall at 480-213-5472 or send her an email at
  • Health Synergy – Dr. Jose Montoya. Leading edge, top of his field in Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Moxibustion, Cupping, Gua Sha, Herbology and more.He is a liccensed acupuncturist with a Masters Degree in Acupuncture and is currently working on his doctorate. Currently practicing at the Wannahealyah Wellness Center in Tempe. Learn more about Dr. Jose by calling 480-777-5522. Or email

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Natural Healing

The most effective and powerful therapy to support a cancer patient during their process is acupuncture. This treatment will support the body in restoring the immune system to its fullest potential resulting in the bodies own ability to heal itself. It will also detoxify the system of the poisons resulting from chemotherapy and radiation if acupuncture is used on an integrative basis. Some insurance companies do cover this treatment

HEALTH SYNERGY – Dr. Jose Montoya 480-777-5522 4515 S. McClintock Ste. 113-114, Tempe, AZ  85282 

CENTER FOR INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE- The University of Arizona   www.

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Reduced or No Cost Flights for Families with Dependent Disabilities

Virgin Atlantic
(800) Fly – 4 – Les / (800) 862 – 8621
Special Needs Dept.
Ted Hollingsworth

National Patient Air Transport Hotline
(800) 296 – 1217
Helps people find free or reduced rates
for air travel for medical purposes.

Miracle Flights for Kids
(800) Fly – 1711

Angel Flight
4620 Haygood Road, Ste. 1
Virginia Beach, VA 23455
Admin. Phone: 1-888-662-6794
Patient Phone: 1-877-621-7177
Fax: 1-757-318-9107