Our Family

The Melonhead Foundation awarded its first Patient Aid Grant in 1999. That year we only had funding for one family. Since that time each year, with the support of family and friends, the foundation has increased it’s support and revenues. Each year the number of families receiving financial support has increased. In December of 2006 we reached a milestone passing the $100,000 point in awards given. Thanks to all of you our second milestone was achieved in December 2009. Patient Assistance awards reached $203,000+. Happy to announce that in December 2013 we topped $325,000. A final milestone accomplished in October 2017 we passed our ultimate goal of $500,000 in Patient Aid Assitance to our Melonhead families.

When you support The Melonhead Foundation you are helping our families on a very personal level in a unique way, which most other cancer charities do not even address. It is impossible for us to share the impact you make in the lives of children with cancer but we hope these testimonials will give you some idea of the positive difference your support is making.

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Pamela¬†First, I want to tell you how impressed I am with Melonhead and the services it provides. Melonhead is unlike any organization that I’ve ever experienced. I look at Victoria’s health as a puzzle, some pieces are modern medicine, some natural healing, some spiritual etc. Now that we have found Melonhead, we have found our missing piece.
Mandi“Hi there!!!! I just wanted to let you know what a blessing it was to receive help from your foundation. It helped us catch up on our other monthly bills and helped me get a few things for Alysia that she really needed. It took the constant worry about being late on our bills away and I appreciate that so much!! Thank you for everything that you do!!! God Bless and Merry Christmas.”
Stacy“I just wanted to extend my gratitude one more time. My daughter received all that you sent and actually went to Target that day and got formula! All their spirits seem to be holding up and Aidan (with a white cell count of 1) was break dancing for me last night (he’s 4 1/2)…life was good last night!”
Charlie“I wanted to let you know that Charlie absolutely loved his IPOD, he got $20.00 from Grandpa so I’m taking him today to buy a case for it. He carries it everywhere with him and took it on our chemo trip to Vegas yesterday.”
Tracy“This is more than good news, this is a miracle from God that I appreciate more than words. Charlie..is going for another chemo this weekend in the hospital, this gift will allow me to breath a little better this holiday. Please express my gratitude to your organization.”
Kristin“Thank you so much DEB! This is an amazing family…who needs so much support right now after their loss of their little angel. I ran the PF CHANGS marathon for her and all our kids. I cannot thank you enough for what you do and I just know they will be so grateful! YOUR ORGANIZATION IS AMAZING!”
Colin (Illaria has monthly homeopathic sessions in Tucson – Melonhead is funding the treatment for one year) – “Wow, that is such wonderful news! We are SO incredibly grateful!”
Jennifer“Thank you so much. This will help out so much this holiday season. If there is anything you need me to do just let me know.”
Jason (a social worker at TuNidito in Tucson) – “Wonderful news…thank you sooo much!!! What a huge relief this is going to be for this family.”
Gail“I can’t express how grateful I am for all your help!!!!”
Susan (a single mom and her daughter needs a second transplant in Washington state – Melonhead is making the house payment for the three months they’ll be gone) – “Oh Praise God!!!!!…You have no idea…how much of a relief this will be! We really do serve an Awesome God!”
Caravantes Family“My family has really been run through the ringer lately and I had lost hope that there was any help out there. Our families have for the most part written us off and none of them offer us any help or support whatsoever. We are still in grave danger of losing our home and none of them care. We are slowly getting caught up. We wouldn’t even still have a home if it weren’t for you guys at the Melonhead Foundation. Our son, DJ, is fighting and it is the scariest thing I have ever experienced watcing my child go though this and not be able to fix it. Thank you so very, very much for everything you have done for us. Thank you so very, very much, you are a blessing. And I pray for the continued support of the Melonhead Foundation.”
Tammy“I am so thankful for the Melonhead Foundation for choosing Kellie to be one of their children to support. It has increased her energy levels and she is sleeping better at night. Without the Melonhead Foundation’s help for Vemma, Kellie would not be able to take it and I would not be able to pay for this by myself. Thank you all for your help.”