Annual Report 2018

Happy Winter solstice to all of you. I am sending out this Holiday Greeting to wish you all the best and send my year end Melonhead Update.
2018 was another great year for The Foundation.  We had new supporters show up as benefactors and previous benefactors continue their support.
As of today, The Foundation has awarded a little over $520,000.00 in patient aid since our first grant awarded in 1999. The Foundation completed its 21st year as a unique (still) Pediatric Cancer Charity.
This accomplishment was a collective effort from each of us. Be proud of this success. It is remarkable.
I am truly grateful to each of you for your love, support and dedication. And we had great fun while affecting a serious issue. Thank you.
I am excited to share that I am retiring in 2019. I turn 66 in January …time to relax, play and rest in my twilight years.  So too The Melonhead Foundation will retire with me. Our success went far beyond anything I expected when I created Melonhead in 1997.
Blessings to you and wishing you all the best in life as one of our families I am honored to have been of service.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.
Deb Leone, Founder