Annual Report 2012

Our Annual Board meeting was held January 15, 2013 completing our fiscal year reporting for 2012. As The Melonhead Foundation continues to be more successful each year I am grateful and aware that we accomplish this as a collective group focused on our positive intentions. The Foundation posted yet another banner year financially for Patient Assistance Programs. In addition, we completed a second successful year at the Wannahealyah Wellness Center providing more services for our patients through Holistic Protocols available at no charge to our Melonhead families. We could not have accomplished this without each of you. We are grateful.

The best news of the year is that we awarded over $37,305 in Patient Services Programs. $21,224 in assistance and $16,081 in Holistic Services to our families at the Wannahealyah Wellness Center (WWC). The WWC awards doubled from 2011. In comparison we awarded $33,000 in Patient Programs in the previous year of 2011.

Our unique business continues to be the dominating factor in our success. Due to our volunteer run organization, including Board Members and event organizers, we posted increased revenues and lowered expenses. The Melonhead Foundation wishes to extend our gratitude for our continued support from the Phoenix Suns, Roy’s Restaurant, Phoenix Coyotes, Harrah’s Ak-Chin Resort, AVNET, Four Peaks Brewery, Hooters and the Phoenix Thunderbirds. Each of these organizations provided funding for our programs through grants or special events.

Continuing our focus on the goal to “work smarter not harder”, our volunteers posted remarkable achievements financially in 2012. Total income increased by 23%, Gross profits increased by 26% and Net income increased by 16%. In light of the economic conditions across the nation, we at The Melonhead Foundation are proud of our accomplishments for 2012 fiscal year.

Our donations and grants remained status quo in 2012, however the special events that we created and manage increased in revenues to account for our prosperity. These include Makahiki for Melonhead, Maricopa Loves Melonhead, Drag Bingo and Four Peaks Golf Classic. Drag Bingo being the most profitable increasing revenues by over 46%. This is a great testimony for the dedication and commitment of our volunteers, sponsor and supporters. We are ever grateful.

Our greatest accomplishment for 2012 was the continued work of the Wannahealyah Wellness Center (WWC) in Tempe, AZ. Our focus on Natural Healing and Holistic Services was the original vision of The Melonhead Foundation dating back to 1995. While we diversified our Patient Services to include financial aid we never lost site of the dream. The economic conditions allowed us to establish the center with limited funds and a unique business model in 2011. The center has the ability to be totally self- sufficient with 100% occupancy and that is the goal for 2013. The humanitarian spirit of each Holistic Specialist donating their services to our Melonhead Families at no charge completed the process for the dream to become a reality. Continued focus, creative thinking and believing allowed this vision to manifest into reality. As the WWC continues to thrive it will be another example of the collective group consciousness and the power of positive intentions.

We are grateful to our retiring trustees; Dave Brown, Cheryl Dubois, Casey McGinty, Sarah Finecey Krahenbuhl. All of them will continue to support our cause and events but cannot continue with the time commitment to the board.

It is the intention of The Melonhead Foundation that our cause continues to be supported by the community and that our families continue to reap the benefits of such a dedicated group of people changing the paradigm of charitable giving.