Meet Melanie

MelanieAs a young girl, Melanie Leone was a competitive swimmer with a dream of winning a gold medal in the 1992 Olympic Games. Even before she was diagnosed with leukemia and lost all of her hair during chemotherapy, her swimming friends affectionately called her “Melonhead.”

Of course, the nickname was even more appropriate as she continued to train all through her chemotherapy treatment. Melanie was so positive in her attitude that her hair loss became an asset to swimming. “No drag–it feels cool as I zoom through the water.”

Melanie was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia on August 31, 1989. She died on March 4, 1992. Her 2 year and 7 month journey inspired many and opened a door for her family and friends to awaken to a different perspective on health, healing and health maintenance.

It is an honor that the foundation is named after her and is able to continue to share her message with others.

Meet Melanie (video)