During the Coronavirus pandemic The Melonhead Foundation chose to postpone our only two fundraising events for 2020. SunWest Pensions Golf Tournament and Charity Drag Bingo 2020 Reunion, for the safety of our supporters. We hold these two events in the fall to commemorate Septembers  Childhood Cancer Awareness month and to raise funds for the holidays; a time when our families have greater needs.

Last year SunWest Pensions raised and donated $17,000 to our patient program. Drag Bingo raised $20,000 in it’s last year. These funds make a very positive impact on the lives of our families. The financial struggles of Pediatric Cancer are real all year round but especially devastating during the holidays, when most families have to forgo “holiday magic” and barely find money for daily living expenses.

The Melonhead Foundation usually steps up and makes sure living expenses are paid so the families can enjoy some holiday treats for the kids. In 2020, with our resources limited, this will not happen without your help. In lieu of sponsoring or attending our special events, please consider making a donation to our Patient Aid Assistance Program.

Checks can be mailed to THE MELONHEAD FOUNDATION  BOX 10963, TEMPE AZ 85284

Our Goal $25,000.  To select your own donation amount click link at bottom of page.


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