Our Family

The Melonhead Foundation awarded its first Patient Aid Grant in 1999. That year we only had funding for one family. Since that time each year, with the support of family and friends, the foundation has increased it’s support and revenues. Each year the number of families receiving financial support has increased. In December of 2006 we reached a milestone passing the $100,000 point in awards given. Thanks to all of you our second milestone was achieved in December 2009. Patient Assistance awards reached $203,000+. Happy to announce that in December 2013 we topped $325,000. A final milestone accomplished in October 2017 we passed our ultimate goal of $500,000 in Patient Aid Assitance to our Melonhead families.

When you support The Melonhead Foundation you are helping our families on a very personal level in a unique way, which most other cancer charities do not even address. It is impossible for us to share the impact you make in the lives of children with cancer but we hope these testimonials will give you some idea of the positive difference your support is making.

Click here to view one of our many recipients.