Natural Healing

The most effective and powerful therapy to support a cancer patient during their process is acupuncture. This treatment will support the body in restoring the immune system to its fullest potential resulting in the bodies own ability to heal itself. It will also detoxify the system of the poisons resulting from chemotherapy and radiation if acupuncture is used on an integrative basis. Some insurance companies do cover this treatment

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THE GERSON INSTITUTE                                                                                                      1-888-4-GERSON                                                                                      An effective natural treatment using fresh, raw foods, reactivating the immune system, helping the body heal itself. Dr. Gerson established his therapy in the United States in 1938 and has been curing “incurables” ever since. Dr. Albert Schweitzer was his most famous patient.

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Completing the cycle of total health care through natural means, this clinic bridges the gap and crosses over into other worlds of medicine. Sharing in the great mysteries of life and healing, they are professional healers with a mission to work with one another in harmony. Dr. Bernie Massari, Homeopathy & Natural Medicine.

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Mega Mease
Natural & Integrative Healing
Deb Leone, Practitioner
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Natural healing modalities of Auricular Acupuncture, Energy Work, Body Work, Healing with Sound and the Crystal Singing Bowl. Chinese Medicine believes that the body will heal itself if the whole being is in balance and energy is flowing freely through the meridians of the body. The practice of Auricular Acupuncture allows the physical being to balance. Energy, Sound and Body work brings into balance the Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Bodies. Healing can be accomplished for ALL ailments with this complete modality. AcuDetox therapy is also a part of Deb’s practice, freeing a person from addiction to smoking, alcohol, drugs, food and obsessions. Heal the physiological aspect of the addiction and the body has no desire to exhibit addictive behaviors.

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Other Therapies To Support The Body’s Natural Recovery

Most Highly Recommended Book
“Eat Right for Your Type”
Dr. Peter D’Adamo